Medication Management

This program is designed to assist you to better manage your health and to meet your individualized healthcare needs.  Most hospitalizations and/or disease progression is a direct result of administering medications incorrectly or failure to take prescribed medications as ordered. This program is designed to assist you or your loved one to consume medications as ordered. These services generally are not covered by insurance plans and therefore are all out-of-pocket expenses.

Medication Management by LPN, inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Communicating with physicians to clarify any medications
  • Communicating with pharmacies to assure that all appropriate medications are on-site to be administered as ordered
  • Communicating with ALF staff to maintain current medication records
  • Documenting all activities referenced above
  • Contacting the pharmacist for any new orders obtained or prescribed when a resident attends a physician visit
  • Communicating with all health care providers to coordinate health care needs as appropriate
  • Updating the Medication Administration Record (MAR) to document medications administered; if medication is withheld for any reason, documentation will be entered on the MAR and on a progress note documenting reason medication was withheld. The family member and/or physician will be notified as appropriate.
  • A communication book will be maintained if more than one nurse is assigned to facility which will be updated daily to assure open communication amongst all health care professionals
  • On a bi-weekly basis, a new MAR will be created either by the LPN or the pharmacist. If performed by the pharmacist, the LPN will clarify any discrepancies with the pharmacist and physician.
  • Medication arranged for families if they plan on taking a resident on an outing or away from the facility for a few days.
  • Any complaints and resolutions specific to this program will be documented by the supervising LPN and management team which will be shared with the appropriate ALF staff; appropriate corrective action plans will be documented.
  • Updated LPN credentialing will be maintained and will be made available to ALF staff as requested.
  • Transfer forms, doctors orders, progress notes and other paperwork will be completed as needed
  • Patient monitoring during medication passes – updates to families and ALF as needed
  • Plan will cover up to three daily medication passes; additional fees will apply if additional medications are required

Contact AllCare Professional Solutions to see if the residence where your love one resides participates in our medication management program!